How it Works


Q: I am a bar owner, when will payments be processed to my account? 

Proceeds from sales will be processed every Monday & Friday with 8am cutoff time each day. Contact for further information on your desired payment channel. Some payments maybe instant and some will take up to 2 business days to reach your chosen account.

Q: Do you handle all the customer payments? 

Yes, payments in VISA/ MASTERCARD etc are added to customers account instantly via a trusted 3rd party payments processor. We do not store any credit card details on the site. Payments are in $US and are added 1for1 credits.  To pay for drinks/tip ladies you will need to register account then click on the card emoji that will take you to payment page. Credit's are instantly added to your account and on the bar live streaming page you will see the "Tips" button> here you can add any amount you want to or choose from quick tip menu $5 $15 $50 $90    Please chat with bar after you have done so. Private chats are charged per minute with tips if you want a private showing.

Q: Can i stream on a phone ? 

 Yes you can easily. Just make sure your connected to good internet, Wifi would provide for smoother streaming.

Q: How will streaming here make my bar more money? 

First of all we are FREE to use for any bar. FREE marketing whilst your streaming to the world. It will create an online brand for people to be able to easily visit your location when there back in your area. Not having an account here will give an advantage to other bars in your area as they will be better known to people. Our site enables you to capture new customers when there on holidays or in there home countries. No longer do you have to 100% depend on customers to come walking into your bar. Essentially you can open 24/7 on for anyone with internet.


Q: What makes different from youtube or facebook ? 

Alot, First of all this is an 18+ type of site which enables things like private shows, exotic games of pool, Kissing fun,paid private chat's and pretty much anything is possible. Youtube and facebook are very much PG rated and you will be banned eventually for drinking and having fun on camera. We offer a long term option with traffic driven from paid marketing increasing viewers on the site. You can also charge what you want to chatting to customers.


Q: I just registered. How can I access my profile/account?

Use the login form


Q: I want to go to the Group Chat but the system say I have no money on my account. How can I add money?

You may do it on the Add Funds page.

Q: I have got a problem which I can not solve even after reading FAQ. Whom shall I write to get the answers?

Use contact page to talk to the site administration.

Q:Do you have a cancelation policy? 

Yes, we do. If you'd like to cancel your subscription or any singletransactions for one or another reason and not to be billed again, please contact me on or +66 0943 742 2232 or contact CCBill at ( via live chat, phone 1.888.596.9279 email at

F.A.Q. for the performers (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: I would like to register on the site as a Bar How can I do that?

First of all fill in the registration form, then fill in the fields of your profile, download the pictures and finish the registration.
The account of each performer is being checked by the administrator. After the approval it will be activated.

Q: How can I log in my Performer account?

Use the Performer form to login.

Q: I forgot my performer password. What should I do?

Use the "restore password" form.

Q: What should I do to be online on the main page of the site?

Login your account and start the video stream from your own page. (Remember that you can open this page as tab in your browser and look there only when you have somebody in your chat room.)